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    Kalimex, the distributors of K-Seal, are giving away six goody packs worth 23 each to LRM readers. The pack includes a bottle of K-Seal, Quiksteel epoxy putty and QuikTape adhesive-free silicone rubber tape. To be in with a chance or winning one of these fabulous packs simply drop an email with your name and full postal address to [email protected] ...

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    Cargo Seal Up K-seal,QuikSteel,,Engine sealer,Radiator ... Seal-Up is the world's first permanent Cooling System repair product. If you have a blown head gasket, cracked engine block or leaking radiator, Seal-Up will stop the leak permanently, without the need for any expensive and time consuming labour and spare parts.

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    Cargo Seal Up K-seal,QuikSteel,,Engine sealer,Radiator ... Cargo Seal Up radiator and head gasket sealer £9.99 engine block repair. Enquiry Form Home ... Seal-Up, once cured, will withstand temperatures of up to 540ºC (1000ºF) and pressures of up to 3000 psi.

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